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Words by: R. Lynk
Music by: Reckless in Red
Vocals: R. Lynk
G. Reyes
Guitar: K. Littlefield
Bass/Drums: P. Day

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Hero Gone

They say to never meet your heroes.

The idols & gods you’ve created in your mind will never match the person standing behind them. Humans require forgiveness not afforded to gods.

Tell me why I’m here 
Tell me what to say 
Funny it’s a chore 
But it’s a game to play 
I hear the timer ticking 
Like we’re on a clock 
You’d be the last to know 
If it were to stop 

Tell me who I am
What is this all for?
Tell me what it’s worth 
So that I’ll want more 
Who are we to you?
Do you even care?
You took it all from us
Told us life ain’t fair 

Who are you to say that this is wrong 
How could you really think you did a job well done 
You act like you’re in charge 
Giving all your orders
To get in line behind the lines you swear were drawn 

Tell us how to think
Tell me when to smile 
Tell them what to see
Make it worth their while 
Make it hard to speak
Tell me words mean nothing 
Tell me you’re above me 
It would be easy to believe 

Who am I to say what’s right from wrong 
Who are we but filthy people constantly moving along 
We’re distracted, amused and left in the dark 
We don’t even know that we’re in prison we’ve gotten so used to the bars 

Am I not my own
Is this what I know 
Or what you told me 
Am I all alone 
Are we going home 
Or dying slowly 
Am I beautiful?
Do I fit the mold
Of anything at all? 

How can I heal when I don’t know I’m bleeding 
How do we live without a life worth living 
Can I start again 
Can I make amends 
With every part of myself that I couldn’t name 
Is this just a game 
Was I beautiful?
Did I fit the mold

Of anything at…