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Words by: R. Lynk
Music by: Reckless in Red
Vocals: R. Lynk
G. Reyes
Guitar: K. Littlefield
Bass/Drums: P. Day
Horns: Brass Attack

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Need It

How can you move forward when you’re shackled to the past?

When you’re held back by what you thought you needed? Do you even know what forward is? You’re trapped. Alone. It’s time to let go.

I was a child then 
I was a captive 
I was naive but 
It was expected 

I tried to tell them 
Then tried to hide it 
I had accepted 
I should be quiet 

I never learned how to ask for help 
I never tried till I hit the ground 
All I had, so I thought, was myself 
And that was all I thought I needed 

I didnt know that I had a choice 
It took me years just to find my voice 
I couldn’t hear over all your noise 
But I have found my peace in silence

You’re in the past now 
But I’m not past it 
Trying to learn how 
To grow around it

It’s like I’m stuck there
In the darkness 
My head shuts down 
When I’m reminded 

I never learned how to love like that
I can’t move on when I’m looking back 
It’s hard to run when I’m so off track
Every time I think I’m closer 

I turn around and I’m upside down 
Can’t get my head out of the clouds 
I see myself down on the ground 
Just gonna sleep until the morning